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Synopsis to World Television Limited (WTV)

WTV currently running on both Pay TV and Freeview (Free-to-air) platforms.

The first 24-hour free-to-air Chinese TV channel joined the service on the 1st of August 2007, setting a milestone for Asian broadcasting in New Zealand as it is the first Chinese channel to enter into the Freeview channel platform. WTV currently operating two Freeview channels (Freeview 28 & 29) with local produced programmes and imported programme from Greater China Region. These highly distinctive local news and forum programmes, establishing a bridge of communication and interaction between the Asian community and mainstream society in NZ.

In September 2012, WTV purchased 10 television channels nationwide issued by the NZ government, this provided the opportunity to expand its business scope, in addition to enabling leasing of channels to other television media organizations. Hence, WTV has become the second largest digital television operator in New Zealand.

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